Get A Solution For Vitiligo Through Ayurveda

By Dr. Shailender DhawanPosted On 11-Nov-2017

Vitiligo is not a dangerous disease, it can be treated effectively like any other disease. Ayurveda provides effective treatment for those suffering from vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes due to the destruction of melanocytes. It may affect any part of the skin and at the same time, it affects the hair also. The color of the skin is determined by a pigment called melanin. Vitiligo occurs when the cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning.

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       Symptoms of Vitiligo

Symptoms include patchy loss of skin color

Change in color of the inner layer of the eyeball

Greying of the hair on the scalp at young age, eyelashes, eyebrows or beard

Loss of color in the tissues that line inside of mouth and nose

       Causes of Vitiligo

Causes of vitiligo include,

  • A genetic oxidative stress imbalance

  • A stressful event

  • A neural cause

  • Heredity

  • A virus

  • Harm to the skin due to sunburn or cut

  • Exposure to some chemicals

          Types of Vitiligo

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There are two types of vitiligo: Segmental and non-segmental.

Non-segmental Vitiligo is the most common form of vitiligo. The patches appear in a symmetrical form on both sides of the body. It affects arm, eyes, back of the hand, feet, mouth, armpit, and groin, elbows, knees, nose, navel, genitals and rectal area. It also affects other parts of the body. Non-segmental vitiligo can again be divided into  

1. Generalized

2. Mucosal

3. Universal

4. Focal

5. Acrofacial.

Segmental Vitiligo spread more rapidly and seen in early age groups. It affects areas where skin attached to nerves arising in the dorsal roots of the spine.

        Vitiligo in Ayurveda

Ayurveda considers vitiligo is due to the imbalance of three doshas. The causes of vitiligo include poor hygiene, intake of opposite food combination and stress. This accumulates toxins in the body and affects immunity causing the melanocytes to die and skin appears in white patches.

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