Overcoming Vitiligo with Ayurveda

By Dr. Shailender DhawanPosted On 06-May-2017

A skin disease characterised by pigment loss in skin,   vitiligo is notorious for its stigma than its effect on health. People with vitiligo suffer from white patches in skin, that are caused by irregularity of melanocyte functionality. Ayurveda treatment for vitiligo is known to effectively halt the progress of the disease and helps in repigmentation to a large extend.

The condition is not skin specific and are usually detected in areas that are exposed to sun like, hands, legs, lips, face and so on. Some instances of vitiligo in the inside of mouth, eyes and hair have also been reported.

Ayurveda describes vitiligo as a Kilasa, Shveta Kusht or Shivatra, caused due to an imbalance in the vata, pitta or kabha dosha. Vitiligo is not a contagious condition and though the skin has lost colour, they are still sensitive.

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Causes of vitiligo as described in Ayurveda

Ayurveda has described the cause of vitiligo as a vitiation of the three doshas, namely vata, pitta and kabha. This can happen due to the following reasons: -

  • Lack of hygiene
  • Virudh Aahar or intake of food with opposite combinations as described in Ayurveda
  • Persistent mental stress
  • Less exposure to sunlight
  • Sudden skin temperature changes

These are known to cause an accumulation of toxins within the body, which in turn affects its functioning and immunity. The melanocytes are hence destroyed and leads to vitiligo.

Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo

Although vitiligo is not completely curable, their growth can be halted and repigmentation enabled with the help of Ayurveda. The treatment plan for vitiligo is dependent on the age of the patient, spread and type of vitiligo.

The treatment methodology includes internal medication prepared from various herbs to purify the blood and neutralise toxins. They also help in regularising digestion which is also considered as a main contributor to the disease. External medication in the form of herbal medications are used to stimulate cells for repigmentation and to preserve the newly repigmented cells.

Diet and regular exercise, along with daily yoga sessions form the core of Ayurveda treatment for vitiligo.

Kaya kalp Global offers quality ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases like vitiligo and psoriasis with a comprehensive and effective treatment plan.

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