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By Dr. Shailender DhawanPosted On 16-Jun-2017

Although skin diseases are often not life threatening, they have a huge impact on our lives. Skin being the most visible organ, a disorder or irregularity is increasingly visible. Hence they are vicious for their embarrassment factor!

Although all skin diseases can be disturbing, issues such as psoriasis, vitiligo and other associated diseases are high on the list disruptive skin disorders that can affect the overall quality of our life.

Ayurveda, with its natural healing capability provides an adequate and effective solution for managing these skin disorders. With the skill of eminent ayurvedic dermatologist in India, Dr. Shailendra Dhawan, Kayakalp Global offers natural remedies to cure and arrest the growth of condition such as psoriasis and vitiligo.

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Psoriasis, the skin disorder characterised by red, inflamed, scaly skin is considered to be an auto immune disorder with definite genetic links. They can occur on all parts of body including scalp. The discomfort is not limited to persistent itching; the disorder tampers with the beauty of the skin making it sore on the eyes.

Vitiligo is another disorder that is effectively treated at Kayakalp. With colour loss creating alternative white patches on the skin, vitiligo badly affects our confidence than our body. In fact it is not contagious and does not cause any physical disturbance other than aesthetically damaging the appearance.

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The different treatments  in this hospital involve a holistic ayurvedic approach to cure these diseases. Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo involves a well designed path to bring about repigmentation in the area of colour loss. Psoriasis arthritis, a condition that affects mobility of certain parts due to severe psoriasis, can be managed effectively by the skill and efficiency of the well trained faculty of dermatologists at Kayakalp.

The treatment procedures are based on administration of natural remedies that are in line with the traditional approach followed by Ayurveda. Kayakalp Global based in Faridabad in the state of Haryana is very close to the national capital, ensuring ease of access.

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