Kayakalp Psoriasis Treatment Plan

The function of our treatment method at Kayakalp Global is not just to clear the scales from the superficial skin, but also to keep the skin cleared from scales for few days or months.

Our line of treatment is a complete treatment method that covers all the aspects of psoriasis. This treatment method has been developed after 10 years of research and is being used to treat various types of psoriasis since 3 years. The method is completely herbal and free from any steroids or other chemicals. It has not produced any known side effects till date.

Objective of our treatment plan

Our objective is to cleanse and insulate the systems of our body to permanently get rid of psoriasis. As the treatment cleanses the impurities from the blood, it also prevents other disorders caused by blood impurity like Psoriatic Arthritis, Debility and other autoimmune diseases.

Psorcure treatment objective is to improve quality of social life of the patient by eliminating the need of:

• Ointment or tar product application

• Visit to UV saloons

• Soak in moisturizers etc.

• Covering the body to conceal the patches or a general feeling of being alienated

Psorcure Treatment Plan

Psorcure Treatment Plan has been developed after 12 years of dedicated research. The crux of this program lies in its concept. Clinic Psoriasis believes that no plan can be effective on long term basis unless it treats all the causes, triggers and conditions to Psoriasis together.

Psorcure Treatment Plan follows this basic concept of treating all the Causes, Triggers and Conditions together to provide a Safe and Effective Long Term Treatment.

• Psorcure Treatment Plan treats CAUSES such as formation, accumulation and spreading of toxins in the body.

• Psorcure Treatment Plan treats TRIGGERS such as stress and strengthens the shield to block these triggers to act at body level

• Psorcure Treatment Plan treats the CONDITIONS such as blockage in toxins, channelize and corrects the auto immune system

• Psorcure Treatment Plan through its integrated approach forces the body of patient to soften and respond to treatment.

By attacking and treating all these causes, triggers and conditions TOGETHER, Psorcure Treatment Plan is able to provide a safe and effective long term treatment to its patients.

Mode of treatment

Proscure treatment plan is based on correcting the Vata and Pitta defects in the body along with treating constipation or indigestion problem which leads to accumulation of toxins in the body.

This treatment corrects the Vata and Pitta doshas, removes toxins from the blood system and plugs in the body system to stop psoriasis from reappearing. It is not a single treatment but combination of treatments that brings in results which are amazing and long lasting.

The package contains combination of following treatments:

• Herbal applications to correct VATA Doshas: When Vata is corrected this sends calm signals to skin, which decreases the cell division rate and scales start disappearing very fast.

• Oral Medication to correct PITTA Doshas: When Pitta doshas are corrected it soothes the rate of flare-ups in the skin.

• Specially formulated herbal tablets to purify blood: This oral medication helps in removing all kind of toxins from the blood and intestines.

• Special Herbal Preparations are given to correct the immune-deficiency and prevent reappearance of Psoriasis.

• Stress relieving herbal preparations in form of tablets to soothe the nerves.

• Coconut oil based external applications from herbal extracts to clean psoriasis affected areas and to calm itching.

• A 20 minutes routine of specially designed yoga exercises. These exercises helps in reducing the trigger effects created from stress, indigestion etc.

• Specially prepared dietary guidelines to control re accumulation of toxins in the body.

Results of Psorcure treatment

By correcting the vitiated Vata and Pitta, removing slow poisons from the body and correcting the defective immune system, Psorcure treatment gives permanent results with no known side effects. In fact the patient will never need any kind of steroidal preparations methotrexate, calcipotriol and even biologics.

The Treatment Timeline

Following is the average Time Line for Clinic Psoriasis Treatment Method:

• 0-15 days: In first 15 days of treatment patients with more redness in lesions will feel some reduction in redness and itching will come under control. Patients with silvery white scales will see amazing results through control of itching and disappearance of scales.

•15-30 days: Further progress will be achieved during this period for all patients.

Note: Patients who are not on any regular allopathic medication like steroidal applications or methotrexate gets fast results and patients who are using some kind of steroidal application needs a gradual withdrawal of such medicines during first 30 days.

• 30-45 days: In general during this period, skin of lesions, which is bit raised becomes thin and comes in level of normal skin. Redness will keep on decreasing and scales will keep on disappearing. In some places in between the lesions traces of normal skin will appear in between effected areas. Patients will get the feeling of normal skin while touching their lesions.

• 45-90 days: Same progress continues and red lesions become blackish in color. Generally up to this stage patients are fully convinced that they got a treatment which is different from anything what they have tried before and they feel thankful to this wonderful treatment.

• 3 months – 6 months: Except those patients who have more redness in the beginning of the treatment all other patients will have almost clear skin. Toxins are removed from the blood and intestine of the body. Depending on the severity of disease patients will see clean skin as early as in 4th month.

Patient is advised to continue this treatment for another two months to fortify the body from after attacks. In some cases of more redness or very severe psoriasis, the treatment needs to continue for another three months. Patient should send the regular progress report to the Doctor and follow his advice for maintenance treatment or follow up treatment.

Maintenance Treatment: During the main treatment your skin got cleaned, your body got cleansed from toxins, your immune system got restored but your body will face different triggers and your body may try to absorb those triggers and Psoriasis may reappear.

At this stage your doctor will put you on maintenance treatment. Under this treatment you will apply herbal applications twice a week to protect body from flare-ups. There will be partial or no oral medication in majority of the cases but patient need to follow all the guidelines of the doctor.

This maintenance treatment will last for 3-6 months depending on severity of the disease. During this maintenance treatment flare-ups will gradually fade away and your skin will be conditioned not to accept any kind of Psoriasis attack in the future.

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