Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition characterized by loss of skin pigmentation. It is believed to arise due to an autoimmune response, genetic abnormality, oxidative stress, or neural causes.

Although every form of medicine claims to be able to treat vitiligo but there are many loop holes in the treatment procedure. That is why there is always a doubt in patient’s mind while choosing the right treatment approach for vitiligo. Following points about each pathy may help the patient to choose the appropriate therapy for the treatment of vitiligo:

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Allopathy gives quick results by supressing the symptoms of patient but is not considered very safe for long term use. Moreover it does not eliminate the root cause of disease and leaves the scope of reoccurrence.

Homeopathy is considered safe but is a very slow form of medicine that first makes the disease occur in full swing. This becomes a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation for the patient due to appearance of new patches even while being on treatment. In fact homeopathy rarely gives positive results in cases where disease is spreading.

• Although Ayurveda is considered a slow acting form of medicine that gives medications in the form of churan, karha or bitter pills but it can definitely give some results even within 3 months of initial treatment.

• Sometimes a combination of Allopathy and Ayurveda may be used to treat vitiligo.

Vitiligo treatment plan at Kayakalp Global

Through our avid research of 15 years, we at Kayakalp Global have developed a core understanding of vitiligo, its causes and the treatment procedures that can cure the condition. In fact we use this expertise to guide the patients to know their condition closely and follow the right approach to control and alleviate the situation.

We understand and believe that there is no readymade solution applicable for all the vitiligo patients but a systematic and combinational approach can surely give the best results.

It is also very difficult to find a good Vaidya who has the expertise in treating vitiligo. Our team of Ayurvedic doctors guided by Dr. Shailender leave no stone unturned to satisfy and give best treatment to all our patients.

Patient guidelines for shifting to a new treatment approach

There are many points which should be considered by patient before starting a treatment plan or shifting to a new treatment approach. These include:

• Patient who are using allopathic treatment since long and disease is stable they can subsequently shift to Ayurveda as it is a safer option.

• If you are planning to start homeopathy be sure and track with your doctor that your disease will not start spreading after starting homeopathic treatment.

• If disease is spreading during homeopathy treatment, wait for not more than three months. If disease is still spreading shift to Integrative treatment plan by Kayakalp or shift to a good allopathic doctor.

• If you are using Ayurvedic or Homeopathic treatment and have not got 25% recovery in 3 month time on hairy areas, you should shift to Kayakalp plan which will get you better results.

• If you are using allopathic treatment and disease is still spreading you should not shift to pure Ayurveda or homeopathy as that would not be potentially useful. In fact, for such cases, Kayakalp Global has developed an INTEGRATIVE TREATMENT PLAN which is combination of Ayurveda and allopathic medicine in required dosage and potency. Gradually the allopathic medicines are tapered off when disease stops spreading in three months and Ayurvedic medicines are continued.

• Do not immediately stop any steroids prescribed by your doctor. A sudden shift from allopathic to alternate treatment is never recommended as it will trigger the disease again.

Follow these guidelines and make a right decision to get treatment for vitiligo.

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