A psoriasis patient came to Kayakalp Global

A psoriasis patient came to Kayakalp Global in January 2005 and was taking 6 tablets of methotrexate 2.5 mg/week since July 2004 maintaining 85% PASI reduction. On missing even a single dose, the Psoriasis flared-up. He was advised Psorcure Treatment Plan – Integrated Approach at Kayakalp Global for one month. By the end of January the dose of Methotrexate was reduced to just 2 tablets per week and by the end of February Methotrexate was completely withdrawn from his prescription. By the end of May 2005 he achieved 95% PASI reduction. Then patient was put on maintenance treatment for next 5 months. Thereafter patient was advised to use Psorcure Oil as 1st winter Observation.

By psoriasis patient

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