Types of Vitiligo

There are several theories about types of vitiligo. It can be divided according to the pattern and onset area or place of white patches in body.

Vitiligo is basically of following two types:

• Segmental vitiligo: Segmental vitiligo shows symptoms at an early age and affect one segment or one side of the body (like a hand, a leg). Symptoms progress for only a few years and may also appear on head, scalp, eyes etc.

Segmental vitiligo

• Non-segmental vitiligo: It is a more common form of vitiligo that starts with a short-lived burst of discoloration on hands, feet or face and later on affects both sides of the body. This is followed by new cycles of pigment loss throughout the person’s life.

Non-segmental vitiligo

Also depending upon the extent of pigment loss, vitiligo can be:

• Localized is characterized by a few blotches on skin

• Generalized is characterized by scattered patches throughout the body areas like eyes, bone joints, temples, waist areas etc.

• Universal is characterized by loss of pigment over the majority of the body

Many a times, one or more forms of vitiligo can be found simultaneously in a patient.

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