KAYAKALP GLOBAL has developed a comprehensive treatment plan with years of research and by treating thousands of patients in different stages of disease.

The treatment of vitiligo depends upon two factors i.e. whether the disease is spreading or is stable. In cases of spreading disease, it is first required to switch off the disease and simultaneously start treatment for re-pigmentation. In this scenario the spread of disease needs to be stopped to be successful in curing it. On the other hand in cases where disease is stable, direct medication for re-pigmentation is started.

Factors deciding the treatment plan

Following factors are considered while designing a treatment plan for any patient with vitiligo:

• Age of patient

• Location of white patch

• Past medication history

• State of disease (spreading or stationary)

• Color of hair follicles on white patches.

Treatment for Vitiligo at Kayakalp Global

Treatment of vitiligo comprises of internal and external medication:


First and foremost patient is given various forms of herbal medications to:

• Neutralize the toxins produced from stress, indigestion and unhealthy food combinations

• Purify blood and stop the disease from progression

• Clear the intestinal track for better digestion of food and improved absorption of essential vitamins and minerals

• Relieve stress and soothe the nerves

• Normalize the vata defect in body that is responsible for spreading of disease

• Correct immunodeficiency and improve the quality of majja dhatu or bone marrow


External application of herbal preparations plays crucial role in repigmentation. It involves the following steps:

• The first step is to stimulate the pigment cells for regimentation by using combination of Cassia Fistula, Psorlia Cordifolia and Piper Longum.

• Second part is providing favourable condition to slow growing pigment cells for better pigmentation by using herbs like Vitix.

• Third is to preserve the new formed pigment by using different herbal combinations in particular doses.


Patient is advised to follow a 20 minute morning yoga including exercises and meditation to relieve stress and improve blood circulation.


• Prevention from virudh aahar

• Avoid tomatoes, brinjal, sour food, citrus fruits containing vitamin C etc.

• Avoid use of synthetic garments, hair dyes, chemical based cosmetics, tight fitting outfits, and nickel and plastic bands

• Maintain regular bowl movement

• Dental cavities, sinus infections, acute or chronic gastro intestinal infections should be promptly treated

• Stress and tension should be avoided

• Minimum exposure to sun


At Kayakalp we have developed an integrated approach for the treatment of vitiligo and we can achieve

• 80-100% recovery in vitiligo patches on face if the hair are black in 3-5 month of medication

• 60-80% recovery in vitiligo patches in 6-8 months of medication provided hair are still black

• Time frame for areas on bony parts, tips of fingers and lips may vary from patient to patient

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