Ayurvedic Treatment For Psoriasis Arthritis

By AdminPosted On 18-Apr-2017

Psoriasis basically is an inflammatory condition of the skin which has various types of signs and symptoms. It is predicted that around 10 to 30 percent people who are suffering from psoriasis are also suffered with arthritis and its combination is known as psoriasis arthritis. It develops inflammation of the joints.

Psoriasis often causes uneasiness, skin itching and cracking with bleeding. Psoriasis is a lifelong chronic condition which gives lifelong pain, deterioration, and joint stiffness as its full treatment is not available and controlling needs lifelong therapy. The cause of psoriasis arthritis is the attack of the immune system on the body’s own cells. It generally involves lifestyle and genetic dietary factors.

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The symptoms of psoriasis arthritis include foot pain, hand pain and “tennis elbow.” But these early signs can be ignored, if patient do not have signs of psoriasis. Other symptoms include neck, back, and shoulder pain. Psoriasis arthritis is a combination of the psoriasis and joint pain. The major symptoms of psoriasis arthritis are

    * Red inflamed skin of affected area

    * Swelling and pain in the joints

    * Small indentation on nails (pitting)

    * Yellowish-orange discoloration of nails

    * Ridges on nails

Ayurveda has many treatment methods to cure psoriasis arthritis, but for that it is essential for the patient to follow the restrictions and method fixed by the Ayurvedic doctor. The initial stage of psoriasis arthritis can be cured by the Ayurvedic treatment and higher stages needs regular treatment for months. A strict dietary and peaceful life is required to control and eliminate psoriasis arthritis. Chilies, black gram, slated food, refrigerated food, and yogurt are fully restricted during the treatment. The whole process needs mental stability and peace.

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